Saturday, October 31, 2009


Dear Ma'am Panda,

My name is Kevin Mikhail H. Gomez of the Class MC-3B in the Humanities Division. I am writing this letter to inform you that in my opinion, I believe that the way my teacher in MC 353 Print and Media Principles, Ms. Jen Gaabucayan, grades her students has no proper basis and no proper calculation whatsoever.

First of all, during our Prelim, Ms. Gaabucayan told her students to supply a folder for our quizzes and activities. I know that it was my fault that I wasn’t able to immediately supply a folder for myself but I believe that not having a folder is not enough reason to fail a student. Also, even if I passed her quizzes and activities, participated greatly in her class, and paid for my faults regarding my absences, she didn’t give me the proper grade that I deserved. She gave me a 77. Now I ask, what exactly is her basis of grading her students?

Second, during our Midterms, most of what we were doing was listening to invited – by her– speakers – which were not giving lectures, but sharing personal experiences as journalists – from different newspapers. Some of these “events” were held during our activity period. During these “events” Teacher Jen would ask a payment of money ranging from P35-P45 each from everyone, all 65 students, as an honorarium for the speaker of the day. I personally didn’t give any money because I believed that 35 each would be too much. Just imagine having to pay at least P35 from each of us? That’s almost P2300. And we’re paying that much for a talk about their life as a journalist? Also, I was being very participative during these events of having speakers. She also gave us a project during midterms to record an interview, and I passed that interview to her. She gave me a 53 grade. I didn’t pay anyone of those speakers, what exactly is her basis of grading this time? The payment?

Lastly, during our pre-finals, I believe that I may have missed maybe two of her activities, but I’m pretty sure that I made up for that loss. I’m very disappointed, Ma’am, because I think that the grade that she gave me was not properly calculated and not properly thought of. She gave me a grade of 49 which pushed me to finally file a complaint against her. I don’t even think that you can give grades as low as 65. I know ma’am that I have my own faults regarding this subject, yet I believe that if she could’ve considered the fact that we were the “experimental batch” she would’ve though more clearly of the way she was teaching and the way she was grading her new college students.

Ma’am Panda, with all due respect, where is the justice in the grades that she has been giving. Even Ma’am Baldovino wouldn’t give grades this low. To think, we didn’t even learn anything worthwhile in Ms. Gaabucayan’s class. She treated us like children and she wouldn’t even give points for participation. Most of the people she failed in our class were those who were always participating – myself included. I just don’t understand why she gave grades as low as 49. I’d rather be debarred that be given a grade like this. At least, if I was debarred, I’d still have 65.


Kevin Mikhail H. Gomez

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